Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Half-Moon Bay

I know that many people don't really like Train's newest album "Save Me San Francisco" as much as older albums like "Drops of Jupiter" or their self-titled debut. To be sure, "Hey Soul Sister" is terrible song that sounds exactly like Jason Mraz. Even the best songs on their album would be hard-pressed to beat "Calling All Angels", "Idaho", "Meet Virginia", or their masterpiece "Drops of Jupiter", but there is something about one particular song off the Golden Gate Edition of "Save Me San Francisco" that really stands out to me. It's by far the best song on the album.


There's something about it that reminds me of the Train of my youth. I remember reading a comment on one of Train's videos once. It said something to the extent of "I used to hear all these great songs when I was little. When I grew up, I realized that they were all by Train." And that's what I feel about this song. It's very unfortunate that it doesn't make radio air time, because "Hey Soul Sister", as the absolute number one played song on Australian radio ever (eck), is an abomination to Train's talent and style. Gute Nacht.

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