Monday, February 14, 2011

WTF is a Royal Fig Tree?

Who the hell would name their blog "Royal Fig Trees"? Who do they think they are, some kind of Mediterranean royalty? Well, I'm that kind of person because that's (apparently) what my Greek surname means: "Planter of Royal Fig Trees" or something like that. You must be wondering - Who are you? What right do you have to make a blog in this overcrowded online world of absurdity and bad grammar? And maybe you're right - I don't have a college degree (yet, I'm only a senior in high school), I'm not a public figure, and I can't even stay focused in calculus class. However, I do believe that I see the world in a slightly different light than many other people. If at this point you think that I'm just another blogger fracking up the internet, then you might want to take the mouse off of that "next blog" button and read a bit further. I made A's in AP-level history and government/politics classes and my rage at overly-partisan government ignorant of the true issues at hand will not be mitigated. I took college chemistry and physics and read Popular Mechanics and Science Illustrated, and makes hopes and fears for our tech-oriented generation do not go unfounded. I read actual physical newspapers, and I think. A lot. I actually read every literature book we were assigned in AP English, along with dozens of others. I also play guitar and piano and despise the decline in the quality of rap and pop as serious music (in most cases) since the new millennium. And the kicker - I didn't actually think Avatar was that great of a movie. Sure, the story and visual effects were beautiful, but ultimately unoriginal and highly predictable. Sometimes that's what we want, for better or worse, but that doesn't mean that it's a great movie. If you're still bearing along with me, then I hope that you'll tune into my blog from time to time to learn something new about our world. About the science and technology that will change our world; About the politics that will shape our future; About human culture, reflecting the very nature of the soul; About our potential for greatness, and about and our aptitude for pissing me off. Antio.

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